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Masters: Map scale and qualifications method

On the latest meeting the IOF Council made decisions regarding masters map scale and qualifications method.

The IOF Council have got a request from the organisers of the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018 (WMOC 2018) to use map scale 1:7500 for classes WM60 and older for the long and middle distance competitions. The IOF Council approved the request and 1:7500 will be used for WM60 and older.

The World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018 will for the first time have Middle Distance Championships in the programme, which is as follows:

7 July Sprint Qualification

8 July Sprint Final

10 July Forest Qualification

11 July Middle Final

13 July Long Final

The “forest” Qualification determines the start lists for both the Middle and Long Distance Finals in the same way that the Sprint Qualification determines the start lists for the Sprint Finals. Chances to compensate for a poor Qualifier by doing well in the Middle Finals are included in the Long Finals qualification process.

This is achieved by a promotion/relegation system based on the Middle Finals results. Roughly speaking, the top 25% of those finishing a Middle Final are promoted by one Final (e.g. from the C Final to the B Final) and they replace the bottom 25% of the Final above, who go down one Final (e.g. from the B Final to the C Final). In addition, the top two finishers from any lower ranked Final are promoted to the A Final) – this is relevant only where there are more than two Finals.

This is an abbreviated version of the full details which are published in the IOF Competition Rules for 2018, section 12.24.


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