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Maja Alm – a new level

Maja Alm describes the last year as “not so good”, but when it really counted she was better than ever.

After Maja won three gold medals at WOC in Scotland, her daily life changed a lot. She was also nominated for being the Sports Woman of the Year – in all kinds of sports – in Denmark.

“It became a new life. Journalists took contact very often. It became a challenge to have enough energy and concentration for the sport”, she says.

At the European Championships in the Czech Republic it was found that a camera had been hidden where the Danish girls were living. It was placed there by a leader in the team. It became a tough time for the whole team. “It has been a good process, getting over it. I have also had good help from my boy friend and the people around me. Thanks to all of them I am back and can do so well”, she says. “I am also so glad that my boy friend, family and others I know are in Strömstad”.

The race

She again ran a terrific WOC race. But the champion is not so sure about her route choice to the second control. “Probably not so good a route, but it was safer and I saw that”.

The start was in fact good, and she continued with that level through all of the race and also pushed very hard on the 3.6 kilometre long course with 20 controls.

women sprint medallists

Maja Alm celebrates                                                            Photos: Erik Borg

The European Championships were at the end of May. “From the beginning of July I have been working very well in training again. A part of the final preparations for WOC was a three weeks long training camp with the team”.

A new level

A week ago the Dane had a test race in running. She was faster than ever. In central Strömstad she also navigated very well. “My level? I think the test in running one week ago tells that”, she smiles.

Maja has reached a new level.


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