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Kaas – forced to stop training

When Carl Godager Kaas came home from the first round of the World Cup he soon had to take a two-month-long break from training. Today, though, he won in Oslo.

“I have reached such a good level faster than expected”, he says.

– Were you surprised by the victory?

“I felt I was doing well and in such terrain I know that I’m not easy to beat”, says the winner.

Three years ago he won a World Cup middle distance race just 30 kilometres west of today’s venue in Oslo, and in 2010 he won the middle distance at WOC in Trondheim. He can be considered a middle distance expert.

The Norwegian has also earlier had to take it easier in daily racing, but it was a bit different this time – four months ago. “Earlier there have been reasons such as doing too much”, he says, and is thinking about a tough combination of studies and training as one these. “But this time there was no obvious reason”. He had to start very slowly with short training sessions of about half an hour each, after a couple of months with rest.

“I tried to train at times during the period, but the body didn’t like it and there was no reason for doing it when it didn’t achieve anything”.

Now his condition is again very high, but there is still something more to reach on the way to Finland. “I could have done the middle distance about one minute quicker when in my best shape”, he says.

As on former occasions when Carl has done well in Norway, his mother Astrid Waaler Kaas presented him with the flowers and prize at the prize-giving. She is a Council member in IOF.


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