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Judith is speeding up again

Last year Judith Wyder was the queen of international orienteering. After that she hasn’t run that well, but now the Swiss star is back on track.

Judith finished with the second best in one of the qualification groups on Friday evening. Only Maja Alm had a better time in group one. 14 seconds was the difference between the two top stars at the first WOC race. “Now it’s good again, but the whole winter was not so good”, Judith says.

In the winter she had to deal with health problems.

Judith Wyder rrr

Last year was an amazing year. At the European Championships in Portugal it was gold at Long, Sprint and Relay. At WOC last year it was gold in both Relays with her as an anchor, gold in Sprint and bronze in Long.

Now Judith will run the same distances as in last year’s WOC. The qualification showed her strength. “Since the World Cup races in Norway and Sweden a couple of months ago I have done very well in training”.

Before that there was also of course training, but not so much and as tough as she wanted.



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