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“It’s not the honeymoon …”

Sarah-Jane and Nick Barrable are a bit keener on orienteering than most orienteers. For most of their lives they haven’t done any skiing, but now they are at the World SkiO Championships in Norway.

“I spent the first few years of my life in Scotland, but there was no skiing”, Sarah-Jane says. And for Nick: “It was when I moved to Stockholm for the first time in the year 2000 that I first tried skiing”. For Sarah-Jane, sport on skis started some years later. Both have grown up being used to green winters in the south-east of England.

Now the couple are representing Great Britain in Budor in Norway, a bit more than 100 kilometres north-east of Oslo. “The goal? It’s to let it be one more nation on the start line, to help IOF in its work towards getting the sport into the Olympics”, Nick says.

– What do you think about the races?

“We are enjoying them”.

– Because?

“It is always a challenge choosing your route around a course of controls, in beautiful surroundings, but even more so on narrow, slightly icy tracks with steep ups and downs, on wooden planks which sometimes have a mind of their own!”

Last autumn they got married.

– Could this here in fact be the honeymoon?

“No!” they smile. “We had that in Scotland”.

– With a lot of orienteering?

“No, we went to the mountains”, Nick says, and continues: “There was also a bit of orienteering at the end!” Over a full year they take part in a lot of races. Their most recent highlights? Sarah-Jane went to the TrailO World Championships in Italy and was pleased with her 19th place overall. Nick won double Gold at the World Masters FootO Championships in Brazil in the Men’s 40 class in November.

The couple have been living in Stockholm for six years now, competing for OK Ravinen in Nacka, where the snow can be very variable. “On average we normally get just a few weeks of cross-country skiing there each year.” Working from the Swedish capital, Nick is Editor of CompassSport, the UK’s orienteering magazine.

With a dense path network of mainly small scooter tracks, conditions at WSOC in Norway are not the easiest. Nick competed in the SkiO World Championships 4 years ago and felt it was a bit easier back then. And then there is also the small matter of needing to navigate at the same time as skiing.

The representatives from the United Kingdom have chosen to focus on the shorter disciplines – Sprint Relay, Sprint and Middle. “We aim to survive the challenges set by the planner and complete the courses. The Long Distance would be too much, so we will rest that race out. We are looking forward to the Middle on Saturday!”

“We are amazed at the support some of the nations have brought! Sweden with their team of 6 waxmen! They have given us a little help and advice, so many thanks to them”.


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