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IOF World Ranking page up and running

The IOF World Ranking site is now launched!

The IOF wishes to express its sincere thanks to Tarmo Klaar for the excellent work he has done during the past two months when setting up the system and creating the page.

You can find the World Ranking and World Cup portal here: IOF World Ranking

In the beginning, the rankings will only include the Orienteering (=Middle/Long) and Sprint Orienteering Rankings and World Cup. After a consultation organised by the IOF MTB Orienteering Commission in April, the MTB Orienteering Rankings will be published on the same site as well. Ski Orienteering Rankings will be moved to this site also in good time before the next season starts.

New World Ranking calculations

The IOF Council made a decision in October 2013 to change the IOF Orienteering World Ranking Scheme for the season 2014. The new IOF World Ranking Scheme is valid from 1 January 2014 and this is also the date for which the first IOF World Ranking was calculated based on the historic data from the period 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2013 as well as some earlier IOF Regional Orienteering Championships according to the new rules. The ranking for 1 January 2014 does not take into account any former World Ranking calculations, i.e. the calculations have been started with zero points for all athletes. This makes the points lower than in the previous ranking.

All World Ranking Event results from the period 2001–2013 were imported to the new system but historic rankings prior to 1 January 2014 are currently not available in the new system.

All runners should check their data

This new system only uses the Latin alphabet from a to z. It is extremely important for all runners to check that the information about them is correct. Please check the following: spelling of your first and last name, birth year, nationality. If you find any mistakes, please report them to

When you are entering to a World Ranking Event, you need to give your ID. You can find it here:

If you do not yet have a WR ID, please apply for one before entering to the World Ranking Event by sending this form: IOF Athlete ID request template to the address:

Documents for organisers

All World Ranking Event organisers must read these two documents well ahead of the event:

Guidelines for World Ranking Events 2014
IOF result reporting instructions

The organiser is responsible for checking that all athletes in the start list have an ID. The results must be sent to the IOF on the event day in XML form or in Excel. Templates can be found here: WRE result templates

If there are any mistakes in the results, please report them to

We encourage all results programmers to get the athlete database: and the XML template for results here: WRE result templates

Mountain bike and ski orienteering ranking sites

On the IOF website, there is a section for MTB and ski orienteering rankings from 31.12.2013 and the event calendars for 2014:
MTB orienteering
Ski orienteering

The World Ranking site will be further developed in the future. For feedback, please use the address


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