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IOF’s Rules and Guidelines

IOF Rules govern how competitions at international level shall be conducted. There are a lot of them, covering all world championships, world cup competitions and world ranking events in all four recognised disciplines (foot, ski, mountain bike and trail orienteering).

The rules cover every aspect of organising an international competition. Some of these rules are common to all disciplines whilst others are specific for one or two. At present, each discipline has its own set of rules, with many rules common to all 4 sets.

There are also guidelines published for different kinds of competition, for example world championships at senior, junior and masters levels. And then each year there are Special Rules for that year’s World Cup – and so on. A lot of documents!

At WOC a seminar has been held by the IOF Rules Commission to consider ways of improving the presentation of the rules and guidelines. Work is being done to harmonise the rules across the four disciplines as much as possible, and this could lead to those harmonised rules being collected together, leaving a smaller set than now for each discipline.

The aim is to provide better access to the rules and guidelines relevant to any particular task or situation, and to make it easier for national federations to harmonise their own rules with those of the IOF.



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