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IOF policy regarding Council members’ travels

The IOF Council members are nominated by their national federations and elected at the IOF General Assembly to serve a two-year period in the Council.

The IOF policy is not to cover the meeting travel, accommodation, and meal costs of the IOF Council and Commission members, except for Athletes’ Commission members when invited to a meeting. Most often it is the national federations who cover the costs. However, to make it more equal, and easier for Council members from outside Europe to participate in meetings that are nearly always held in Europe, the IOF reimburses travel costs of the cheapest fares available in excess of EUR 500 per trip for a maximum of three trips per year. Travel costs related to meetings held in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships are not reimbursed.

Should a Council member wish to travel in Business Class, they will need to cover the price difference themselves, as the IOF only covers costs of the cheapest airfares available. The travel expense payments are handled by the IOF Office. The IOF Council agrees on this policy once per year.


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