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IOC Trophy for Danish Orienteering Federation

A very successful development initiative mounted by the Danish Orienteering Federation (DOF) has resulted in the award of the IOC Trophy – Sport and Sustainable Development to the Federation. It was presented by Denmark’s IOC member Crown Prince Frederik at one of 43 events held in Denmark on Saturday to introduce newcomers to orienteering, in which more than 3,000 people in all took part. There was coverage of the occasion on two TV channels.

 Planning for ‘Find Vej i’ (find your way) Day has been under way for a long time and has received excellent publicity both beforehand and afterwards. The scheme has included the setting up of many new permanent courses, and more than 150 of these are now maintained around the country. Clubs are staging more than 100 follow-up events in the coming few weeks.

 This is the second year that a specific day has been set aside for this initiative, and it is likely to be a regular component of DOF’s annual programme in the future.


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