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Invitation to O-Ringen Academy

The aim of O-Ringen Academy is to assist the development of orienteering around the world. It does this by providing selected representatives from newer orienteering countries with education and training designed to help grow the sport in the country. Participants will also receive training to develop their own orienteering skills.

Academy is a unique opportunity for orienteering federations and interested individuals to work on developing the sport in their home countries. The idea behind Academy is, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, to develop individual competency to be able to promote, organise and teach orienteering in the home country and at the same time participate in the world’s biggest orienteering event, O-Ringen.

O-Ringen Academy is organised by O-Ringen, the Swedish Orienteering Federation and the International Orienteering Federation.

Academy will each year host around 30-50 participants. All those selected for the Academy must be involved in developing orienteering in their country and, in the event of there being more applications than the places available, priority will be given to those individuals who are likely to make the greatest contribution to growing the sport. We recommend that the participant should be 18 years and older.

The entries for O-Ringen Academy 2015 are now open.

Invitation O-Ringen Academy International 2015

Entry form for O-Ringen Academy 2015



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