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“I hadn’t thought the dream could come true”

Florian Schneider has dreamt about being a winner at JWOC, and the dream came true today. A little bit unexpected, according to himself.

But the 20-year-old athlete has really done well during the championships. He was second on the Long distance after leading for a long time. “I was satisfied with the silver, Piotr was better”, he says.

Today the Swiss rising star had what he called a perfect race in the centre of the JWOC city with running in both parks and streets. “I made a five-second mistake a couple of times, but that’s something it’s almost impossible to avoid”.

Whilst he has been dreaming about doing well at JWOC, he hasn’t always been able to run that much. Both last winter and the winter before, he had to have an operation on his right knee.

“This year I started up again with running in April. At the beginning it was 30 minutes, and then later 40–50 minutes. I have only run Long distance at the Swiss test race and here at JWOC”, he says. Now he is up to four and a half hours of running per week. “But I am training other things and did that also in the winter. When I am running I am also running tough”, he says.

In the Sprint he again showed that he can do extremely well and that the training has been successful.


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