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Home dominance in World Masters SkiO Championships

The World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships were also held last week in Imatra, Finland, with competitors having one Long and two Middle Distance races. Medals at Middle Distance were awarded on the combined times of the two races.

Finnish athletes supported the Championships in large numbers – and also took away most of the medals! And the exceptions were all Russians: in the women’s classes Galina Vershinina (W70), who won both Long and Middle, plus Olga Minaeva (W55, Long) and Ludmila Labutina (W75, Middle); in the men’s just Ilya Gusev (M45, Long).

Furthest-travelled athlete was the ever-green Sharon Crawford, USA, who won the silver medal at Middle Distance in W70 (28 seconds from gold) and was 4th in the Long.

Ten athletes had the distinction of winning gold medals at both Long and Middle Distance.

Full World Masters results can be seen on the event website


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