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Helena Jansson has learnt a lot about how to handle injury

For years Helena Jansson has had to put up with months and months of injuries. Now there has been a big change.

Helena Jansson smiles after yet another remarkable race. She has achieved one more World Cup triumph – and she is running ever more strongly. In World Championships she is one of the biggest medal-winners ever with 14 medals – two of them gold, the Sprint in 2009 and the Middle Distance two years later in 2011.

Helena Jansson in forest 30-4-16

Helena Jansson in full flight       Photo: Erik Borg

Also in 2011 a kind of nightmare started for the Swede; she suffered injury after injury. It has taken her a year to learn how to keep free of such problems. Now she hasn’t been injured for more than a year. “Now I know how to handle my body”, she says. “It has been an incredibly good winter”.

It has included a lot of running, but the 30-year-old athlete can’t run every day. “I’m running four–five days a week and also doing a lot of other kinds of training”.


Surgery three times

Her feet have been operated on three times, the last time in September 2014.

– It has been some years with challenges, then?

“Yes! If I had known today that it would have lasted such a long time, I’m not sure I would have carried on. On the other hand it’s such fun”, she says.

She is trained as a doctor and has been working 30% of full time, but now she is doing sport full-time, just like her partner Gustav Bergman, who finished fifth in the first World Cup race. The couple live in Stockholm.


World Championships the main goal of the year

WOC on home ground in Strömstad is of course the big goal, but the European Championships in the Czech Republic, just a couple of hours from the World Cup venue, is also very important.

“My goal? To run good races”.

– How is your level compared with earlier?

“In running strength it isn’t so easy to say, but technically I am better than ever”.

During all the days with injury she was working hard with paper work and it has paid off. Now she’s the World Cup leader. At least for a night.

“I’m not running the Sprint on Sunday. That’s too risky for my feet. But on Monday I am competing again”, she says.


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