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Had to emulate his friend

Aleksandr Pavlenko was missing something a friend of his had already achieved, before the last individual race at JWSOC in Norway.

“I had to win”, smiles Aleksandr. “I couldn’t do less well than Vladislav”.

Vladislav Kiselev won the Sprint at Budor, close to Elverum in Norway. Aleksand Pavlenko was second in the Sprint and sixth at Long Distance, but on the Middle Distance it was his time to step onto the highest level of the podium. Vladsilav was fourth.

The two Russian winners are both from Perm, close to the Ural mountains. “Sometimes we train together and I wanted to do as him”.

Aleksandr is just 17 years old; on March 27th he will be 18. He still has two years left as a junior.

– How is it possible to win when you are so young?

“If you’re training well you don’t have to be older to win”.

Aleksandr is traning well and sometimes with his friend Vladislav. They do each other even better.


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