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Fresh eyes on WOC ceremonies

Several medals will be handed out when the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships start this weekend. The winners and spectators can expect more than just ordinary prize-giving ceremonies, the two young organizers in charge tell.

Lisa Reichenberg and Frida Johansson deal with both the opening and prize-giving ceremonies. They proclaim that the events will be different from previous years of ceremony organizing:

– Because of our age [both in their early twenties], it is the first time organizing this kind of event and we have “fresh-eyes” seeing things. We focus on the details combined with a strictly organized schedule, Lisa Reichenberg and Frida Johansson say with a smile.

Done their homework
Lisa Reichenberg and Frida Johansson have not organized ceremonies at WOC-level before, but they have done their homework at the two recent world championships:

– We were both in Italy and Scotland for WOC and during our stays we learned how to do things and how not to do things for ceremonies. Previous years the organizers have been very good at structuring the ceremonies, which is very important, Lisa and Frida say.

Lisa and Frida have realized, that some tasks that look quite easy from the outside, can cause many troubles:

– The national flags have to be the same size for the prize-giving ceremony. It has been way harder than we thought go find that, but after all we have managed to get some similar ones.

Cheered up to max
In between the Sprint Qualification and Finals on Saturday 20/8, the opening ceremony will take place:

– We want to cheer up the audience before the Sprint Finals start. In addition to the welcoming part with IOF President Brian Porteous, a cover band called Haaks will play. They really know how to cheer up the audience to max before the Sprint Final starts, Lisa Reichenberg and Frida Johansson say.

During the week, four prize-giving ceremonies will be held for WOC and three for WTOC, the World Trail Orienteering Championships, which takes place in the same week as WOC. The WTOC and WOC ceremonies will be organized together to create a good atmosphere for both medalists and spectators. The good atmosphere will be backed up by a joyful compere and local bands taking care of the music. Saturday 27/8 is an exception from the combined WOC and WTOC prize-giving ceremonies. The WOC Relays and the WTOC Relays take place in two different areas and so do the ceremonies.

Music, good atmosphere and same-sized flags are what the spectators can expect for the ceremonies. The medalists will experience the same and in addition, they can look forward to a well-earned medal and a special prize that will remind them of the fantastic county Bohuslän. What the special prize will be, you can find out by visiting one or more of the ceremonies taking place during the week.




Saturday 20th August  14.30 Opening ceremony Arena Strömstad City
Monday 22nd August 18.45 Prize-giving ceremony WOC Sprint & Sprint Relay City Park Strömstad
Wednesday 24th August 18.45 Prize-giving ceremony WOC Middle and WTOC TempO Grebbestad
Friday 26th August 18.45 Prize-giving ceremony WOC Long and WTOC PreO City Park Strömstad
Saturday 27th August 14.00 Prize giving ceremony WTOC Relay and WTOC Closing ceremony Arena Tolvmanstegen
Saturday 27th August 18.00 Prize giving ceremony WOC Relay and WOC Closing ceremony Arena Strömstad East


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