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Foot Orienteering Athletes’ Commission Survey Report

Throughout April and May, the FootO Athletes’ Commission surveyed the international women’s elite community regarding their thoughts on the winning time for women’s long distance events. The survey was sent out to all female athletes that have competed in an IOF world ranking level event, or higher, since the beginning of 2015; with a total of 452 athletes, from 46 countries, responding.

Based on the results of this survey, the Athletes’ Commission recommended that:

  • The winning time for the women’s long distance event (at world champs/world cup level) should be increased to 80-85 minutes.
  • The men’s long distance estimated winning time should not be decreased to match the women’s EWT.
  • The new women’s EWT should be reviewed 2-3 years after implementation with regard to increasing it again to match the men’s EWT.

You can read the full survey results here.

General Assembly Decision

At the Swedish Federation General Assembly on March 13, 2016, a decision was made to change the winning times for women’s elite classes to be the same as for men. It was also decided that the same proposal should be made to the IOF General Assembly. You can read the full proposal in the IOF Congress Binder 2016 (pages 104-106). The decision whether to accept the Swedish proposal or not rests with the General Assembly on 26 August.


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