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Follow the World Cup Round 1

The day we have all been waiting for is soon upon us. On Wednesday 24 May, the World Cup kicks off in Finland! We will be treated to an exciting Sprint Relay, followed by a Sprint, a Middle Distance and finally a Long Distance to round things off. Make sure you don’t miss any action!

For when you’re on the go

@OWCup2017fin on Twitter – official twitter account for the event, general information and news.

@owcupfinres on Twitter – twitter account for live results and split times etc.

#owcupfin and #OWCup on social media.

Make sure you’re also following the IOF accounts!

IOF Facebook

IOF Twitter

IOF Instagram

Worldwide coverage

For the full experience, follow the event on LIVE Orienteering.

The LIVE Orienteering broadcast will offer expert commentary by David Brickhill-Jones for the Sprint Relay, and Mikko Reitti for the Sprint, Middle and Long Distance.

Tickets will be available for purchase using PayPal directly on LIVE Orienteering from Monday 22 May. It will cost 4 EUR to watch each race, but a special offer means you can watch all races for just 12 EUR! The payment is linked to the LIVE Orienteering user and only this user will be able to access to the premium content. Only 1 device can be logged on the same user simultaneously.

Schedule (click to enlarge)


Note: EEST = Eastern European Summer Time, i.e. local time in Finland.

In Finland?

Congratulations! You can follow all finals live on YLE TV2 or on the YLE livestream according to the schedule above.


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