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Five-country Programme for TrailO Cup

For the fifth year in a row, five countries are hosting events in the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering (ECTO). The 2017 ECTO started in Lipica, Slovenia, and is followed by the second round in Espoo, Finland, on the two last days of April. After a three-year break, the ECTO will return to Latvia in July, with the third round taking place in Daugavpils on the weekend before the 2017 World Trail Orienteering Championships. In the autumn’s first weekend, it will be time for the fourth round in Uppsala, Sweden and the competition will end in Slovakia, on the last weekend of October.

Organized by OK Trzin, with courses designed by Krešo Keresteš, the Lipica TrailO 2017 kicked off a month ago, attracting to Slovenia 77 competitors from 14 countries. These included the Swede Erik Stålnacke, winner of the European Cup in 2015, the Slovakian Ján Furucz, winner in 2016, the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler and the Czech Pavel Kurfürst, respectively TempO World Champion and TempO European Champion in 2016. Present also were the current World Champions Martin Fredholm (PreO, Open Class), Michael Johansson (PreO, Paralympic Class) and the current European Champion Ola Jansson (PreO, Paralympic Class), all from Sweden.

A spotless performance enabled Lennart Wahlgren to be the winner of Lipica TrailO 2017’s TempO stage on the first day. Wahlgren finished his course with the time of 167 seconds (all correct answers and the second best answering time), against 255 seconds by Iva Lovrec and 261 seconds for Zóltan Miháczi. Remo Madella and Miroslav Slovák were the winners of the PreO stage, both with 28 points along with 12 seconds on the timed controls. Third place went to the Paralympic World Champion of PreO, Michael Johansson, with the same points as the winners but with two more seconds at the timed controls. After the first round, Remo Madella is the leader of the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2017.

Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering 2017

Standings after Round 1

  1. Remo Madella (Vivaio, ITA) 81 points
  2. Miroslav Slovák (TJ Slavia Hradec Králové, CZE) 61 points
  3. Lennart Wahlgren (Rehns BK, SWE) 58 points
  4. Iva Lovrec (OK Vihor Zagreb, CRO) 43 points
  5. Alessio Tenani (G. S. Forestale, ITA) 43 points
  6. Ján Furucz (Farmaceut Bratislava, SVK) 41 points
  7. Erik Lundkvist (HJS-Vansbro OK, SWE) 39 points
  8. Pavel Kurfürst (VŠTJ Stavební fakulta Praha, CZE) 38 points
  9. Michael Johansson (Vänersborgs SK, SWE) 37 points
  10. Zoltán Miháczi (TIPO TKE, HUN) 37 points

Text and photo: Joaquim Margarido


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