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Fifth relay win of the season for Sweden

Sweden demonstrated strength in depth today, with its second team ending victorious after the first team was disqualified. That makes 5 wins out of 7 for Sweden in this year’s Relay World Cup.

Closest challengers to Sweden were, as expected, Norway and Switzerland. Norway ended the race just 9 seconds down, and Switzerland, also with their second team after the first team was disqualified, 23 seconds down on the winners.

The Swiss team started best with Julia Gross leading at the changeover. As usual the margins were small at this stage, and Helena Bergman handed over to Martin Regborn for Sweden 2. He ran the fastest second leg to bring Sweden 2 up from fourth to second. At this stage Gaute Hallan Steiwer, capitalising on an excellent first leg by the up-and-coming Andrine Benjaminsen, was providing a good springboard for Eskil Kinneberg, and he made the most of it to bring Norway in front after the third leg.

Meanwhile Oskar Sjöberg, benefitting from his good knowledge of Swiss terrain through living in Bern, ran well and handed over to Sara Hagstrom, who proved stronger and faster than Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul and gave Sweden a solid victory.

Sara Hagstrom celebrates Swedish victory            Photos: Malin Fuhr

Switzerland had held their lead through leg 2 with Daniel Hubmann, but slipped to fourth on the third leg; Sara Jenzer pulled them up to third at the end.

Russia was the fourth nation to finish, followed by Finland and the Czech Republic.

So Sweden finishes as very clear winners of the Relay World Cup overall, with Switzerland in second place and Norway, moving up one place after today’s result, third.

Leading results (fastest team per nation only)

  1. Sweden 2 (Helena Bergman, Martin Regborn, Oskar Sjöberg, Sara Hagstrom) 57:48
  2. Norway 1 (Andrine Benjaminsen, Gaute Hallan Steiwer, Eskil Kinneberg, Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul) 57:57
  3. Switzerland 2 (Julia Gross, Daniel Hubmann, Fabian Hertner, Sarina Jenzer) 58:11
  4. Russia 1 58:44
  5. Finland 2 59:26
  6. Czech Republic 1 59:35

Relay World Cup – leading teams

  1. Sweden 580 points
  2. Switzerland 430
  3. Norway 347
  4. Russia 335
  5. Finland 282
  6. France 250



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