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Favourites win SkiO Long Distance

Winners of today’s Long Distance race were favourites Tove Alexandersson, Sweden and Andrey Lamov, Russia. Both were able to ski into the finish under no pressure.

Alexandersson’s victory, her second in this round, was by 55 seconds over the Russian Mariya Kechkina. They had different forkings on the first two loops, and it was Kechkina who was just ahead up to 15.7 km of the 23. 3 km race with 320 m of climb. Alexandersson proved the stronger on the last loop, however. After these two there was a gap of almost 5 minutes before the third athlete finished, Russia’s Alena Trapeznikova, who just got in ahead of the young Swede Linda Lindkvist. Russia had three in the top six and Sweden two.

This victory completed a clean sweep of wins for Lamov, but he didn’t get off to a good start, placing 10th after 7.4 km, and his winning time was ten minutes slower than the planner’s estimate. His compatriot Kiril Veselev was best in the early stages, but he made a mistake of more than half a minute on the second loop and finished eleventh. Lamov led for the final 10 km and finished 35 seconds in front of the surprise second finisher, Gion Schnyder of Switzerland. Martin Hammarberg, Sweden had his best World Cup placing to date in coming third, 9 seconds slower than Schnyder; he led the race through the middle section but lost a bit of pace towards the end. Two of last season’s top performers, Erik Rost and Lars Moholdt, finished fourth and fifth.

Many exciting headcam pictures: here Salla Koskela, Finland in the Middle Distance race

The race took place in cloudy and still conditions with a temperature of -14 degrees. The video pictures included some exciting headcam shots in the extensive open coniferous forest with its many small scooter tracks. Santa Claus also made an appearance at the start today, “watching how everyone was behaving” as the commentator put it.

So ends the first round of the new season’s World Cup; round 2, which will also be the European SkiO Championships, takes place at Velingrad in Bulgaria in early February 2018.

Leading results, Long Distance


  1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 1:37:08
  2. Mariya Kechkina RUS 1:38:03
  3. Alena Trapeznikova RUS 1:43:00
  4. Linda Lindkvist SWE 1:43:03
  5. Anastasia Neverova RUS 1:44:43
  6. Marjut Turunen FIN 1:44:49


  1. Andrey Lamov RUS 1:40:23
  2. Gion Schnyder SUI 1:40:58
  3. Martin Hammarberg SWE 1:41:07
  4. Erik Rost SWE 1:41:25
  5. Lars Moholdt NOR 1:42:06
  6. Markus Lundholm SWE 1:42:11


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