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European TrailO Championships, PreO competition: Gold medals for Gerdtman and Jansson

Overnight leaders Stig Gerdtman (Open) and Ola Jansson (Paralympic), both SWE, retained their form on the second day of competition to take the gold medals. The two placed second at the half-way stage, Jari Turto FIN and Vladyslav Vovk UKR fell back today, with Vovk taking bronze and Turto out of the medals.

Gerdtman had 2 controls wrong on today’s course, whereas five participants had only one wrong. One of these was Martin Jullum NOR who pulled up to take the Open silver medal. Jens Andersson retained his third place to take bronze.

Ola Jansson finished two points clear in the Paralympic class, where the silver medal was won by a fellow Swede, Michael Johansson.

Overall winner of today’s stage was the Slovakian Dušan Furucz, who scored 23 out of 24 and answered to the two timed controls in 13 seconds.

Full results and solution maps can be seen on

Overall leading results

Open class

  1. Stig Gerdtman SWE 45 points + 156 secs.
  2. Martin Jullum NOR 45 + 326
  3. Jens Andersson SWE 44 + 153
  4. Zdenko Horjan CRO 44 + 186
  5. Remo Madella ITA 43 + 205
  6. Robertas StankevičLTU 42 + 69

Paralympic class

  1. Ola Jansson SWE 42 + 161
  2. Michael Johansson SWE 40 + 138
  3. Vladyslav Vovk UKR 39 + 180
  4. Jana Kosťová CZE 37 + 217
  5. Søren Saxtorph DEN 36 + 195
  6. Pavel Shmatov RUS 35 + 229


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