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European Championships wins for Oborina and Rost

The young Tatyana Oborina, Russia, taking her first international skiO medal, and the experienced Swede Erik Rost were the victors in today’s Long Distance race, which had to be shortened because of the snow conditions.

The races began with a mass start and had three circuits, coming back to the stadium after each circuit. The women’s race had a climb of 420 metres, 29 controls and a length of about 18 kilometres, whereas the men had a climb of 500 metres with 36 controls and a length of about 20 kilometres.

Russia dominated the women’s race with four team members in the first six places. Tatyana Oborina won in a time of 63 minutes exactly. It is the first international medal for the 22 years old and she was very happy. Hana Hancikova won the silver medal (+00.13), whilst Josefine Engstrom won the bronze medal one second behind Hancikova and said: “I am very satisfied – among other things because it normally takes me several days to adapt to the altitude”.

Erik Rost won the men’s Long Distance with a time of 62:42. “I had a good feeling, focused on my orienteering and pushed all the time”, he happily commented after his race. It seems that the Swiss Terrain suits him: he won four gold medals at the Junior World SkiO Championships in 2005 which also took place in Switzerland. His friend Christian Spoerry – together they attended the sports school in Mora (Sweden) about ten years ago – took today’s silver medal. It is the first ski orienteering medal in an individual race for Switzerland.

In the last uphill before the finish, the Swede was already in a clear lead while Lamov and Spoerry fought against each other. Spoerry was ahead of Lamov and therefore could control the speed. In the last downhill Spoerry benefited from his skis, that he changed before the last leg. “I knew I had very good skis and when it came to the finishing sprint, I was pretty sure I would make it”, said Spoerry who has been living in Sweden for about ten years.

Just one second behind him, Andrey Lamov won the bronze medal. “On the last uphill I couldn’t pass Christian, and downhill he had the better skis. If the finishing sprint had been longer, I might have passed him, but we don’t know. I am satisfied with my shape and I would like to step up in the Middle distance”, Lamov summed up his race.

Text: Martina Seger-Bertschi

Photos: Martin Jörg


Leading results, Long Distance



  1. Tatyana Oborina RUS 1:03:00
  2. Hana Hancikova CZE 1:03:13
  3. Josefine Engstrom SWE 1:03:14
  4. Polina Frolova RUS 1:03:20
  5. Iuliia Tarasenko RUS 1:03:24
  6. Kseniya Tretyakova RUS 1:03:25



  1. Erik Rost SWE 1:02:42
  2. Christian Spoerry SUI 1:03:00
  3. Andrey Lamov RUS 1:03:01
  4. Staffan Tunis FIN 1:03:03
  5. Eduard Khrennikov RUS 1:03:09
  6. Stanimir Belomazhev BUL 1:04:12


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