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Emily Kemp: “It’s hard to believe”

Photo: Erik Borg

Emily Kemp was just 15 seconds from getting her first WOC medal on the Middle Distance. Her fourth place is a big, big step for the Canadian, but there are still more steps to take.

Kemp didn’t make any mistakes at all on the 5.1 kilometre course with 21 controls. She was leading when she finished, and ended as close as is possible to the top three. “It’s unbelievable”, the Canadian smiles. The 24-year-old athlete was just 53 seconds after the winner Tove Alexandersson.

The start

She is born in 1992, the same year as Alexandersson. In 2008 in Gothenburg she took part in her first JWOC, and she did well and showed a specially good talent. Just like the Middle winner, Emily showed impressive results already in her junior years. She got a medal at the challenging Long Distance at JWOC in Slovakia in 2012.

Moving around

The young senior, who is from Ottawa and started with orienteering in the age of eight, has been living in Europe for a few years now. In 2010 she moved to St. Etienne in France. “And now I’ve been living in Turku in Finland for a couple of years. I wanted to go to a Nordic country in order to improve my orienteering”.

The goal

On the Middle she did better than ever before, but she’s not at all where she really wants to be. She is working to be a winner at WOC. Kemp is still climbing!


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