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Eliminator or Knock-Out Sprint as the third sprint format?

Vote for your favourite name of the new sprint format.

The IOF Council has decided the third sprint format as a one-day competition with qualification and elimination heats. The format has been tested during the spring and and the first high level event with the new format will be the World Cup final in Czech Republic in October.

Now you have the chance to vote for your favourite name of the new sprint format. The final decision is with the IOF Council, but the council wants an indication of whether there is a clear opinion among orienteers in general. The IOF Council will decide the name of the new format at it’s meeting in Helsinki, Finland, June 14-15.

IOF Foot Orienteering Commission and IOF Foot Orienteering Athletes Commission has discussed and voted among different name options. Eliminator and Knock-Out Sprint are their two final suggestions. Please vote for your favourite name before May 31st!

Click here to vote! 

To read more about the 3rd Sprint Format, click here. 


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