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Discussion paper on prior information & orienteering

The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission has released an open discussion paper on the question of orienteering and prior information in an era of modern technology. This has become an area of particular interest because of the growth of sprint events, which present particular challenges in making the competition fair for all participants, particularly now that it has become standard practice amongst at least some teams to do extensive preparation for sprint events (such as WOC in Venice) using publicly available mapping/visualisation tools.


The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission (FOC) is interested in feedback from all parts of the orienteering community, on the ideas presented in the paper below, and any additional ideas which readers may have on these issues. Depending on public feedback and further discussion within FOC, this may result in recommendations for rule changes and/or changes to major event guidelines.

Comments are requested by 15 December 2014, and may be sent to FOC member, Blair Trewin: b.trewin (at)

September 2014 – discussion paper – embargoes


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