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Danes had practiced for something they didn’t get!

For months the Danes have been training to do well in the Relay, but in some ways the Relay wasn’t what they have been training for.

Already on the first leg Maja Alm set up a gap. She was several minutes in front of the second one to the first changeover. The Relay looked as though it was almost decided already, and in a way it was. The Danes were alone in front all the way.

Ida Bobach and Emma Klingenberg ran very well on the last two legs. The gold was taken 3.02 minutes before Norway on second place.

“Preparations”, the Danish Dynamite girls say when they explain the great success. During camps and training they have done a lot of training sessions related to Relay. “We have perhaps been doing relay courses or running three together and given each other a hard fight”, Maja Alm says.

On the first leg Maja was together with other athletes. The next two were alone.

– It wasn’t normal relay running with a lot of runners?

“Well that’s right in some way”, Ida Bobach smiles. “It was more individual running, but a part of doing so well was all the relay training”.

For Emma Klingenberg it has just been two relays at these Championships due to Achilles tendon problems.. It has ended with two golds.

– Aren’t you eager to run the Long now?

“No, it’s three weeks ago it was decided that I should run the Relays”.

Norway were second in both classes. Their last leg runners were Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg and Magne Dæhli. Bronzes went to Sweden in the women’s class. The Swedish women have taken a medal in the forest relay at all WOCs ever organized, except the one in 2013.




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