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Czech Republic ready to welcome world’s juniors

This weekend sees the start of the 2013 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC). The Event Centre is in the Czech town of Hradec Králové, and competitors will be encountering some of the most exciting orienteering terrain that the Czech Republic has to offer.

Thirty-nine nations are participating in JWOC, with 153 women and 177 men in all competing for the medals. There are individual races in Long and Middle distances and Sprint, and a team Relay. At Middle distance there is a qualification race and then the final the following day.

The Relay will be televised live by Czech TV, and the full Middle final transmitted as a ‘live’ programme the day after the race. Recordings of the Long distance and Sprint races will be made for edited transmission later. Live tracking and online results will also be available; the Czechs are using all available modern technology to produce exciting races for TV viewers, those following the races online and spectators in the arenas. The spectators have the added attraction of the six-day ‘JWOC Tour’ organised in conjunction with JWOC.

The most exciting terrain seems likely to be that for the Middle distance races, where competitors will find many boulders up to 5 metres high and cliffs up to 10 metres. The Sprint will take place in the complex network of streets and alleyways making up the old centre of Hradec Králové.

The organisers have spared no efforts to make the week both challenging and fun for the many young people coming to the event. A special concert and many other social activities are being laid on, many discounts for local attractions and facilities have been negotiated, and there is free transport for JWOC and JWOC Tour participants on all the town’s bus and trolleybus services.

This website will provide daily reports and leading results, and a full live service of results and information will be available on the JWOC website,

JWOC race programme

Monday 1st July: Long distance

Tuesday 2nd July: Middle distance qualification

Wednesday 3rd July: Middle distance final


Friday 5th July: Sprint

Saturday 6th July: Relay


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