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Czech Republic claim Sprint Relay gold

Friday morning saw the teams at the European MTB Orienteering Championships battle it out in an intense Sprint Relay. Each team consists of two riders, one man and one woman, racing alternately over a total of four legs.

The race took place in the “Parc de Charbonnière”, a castle owned by the city of Orléans, offering a forest with a dense network of paths of different rideability. Similar to previous races during the event, the terrain was very flat.

The race started, with the women taking off on the first leg. After roughly 20 minutes of hard riding, the top six teams all changed over within 20 seconds, with home rider Gaelle Barlet sending out team mate Baptiste Fuchs with a scant lead, just ahead of Jussi Laurila of Finland.

Another tight leg awaited the men, with Finland and France battling closely throughout.

The third leg, the final leg for the women, saw Finland and France continue neck and neck. Meanwhile, Martina Tichovska of the Czech Republic was advancing through the ranks, handing over to team mate Krystof Bogar in third position ahead of the fourth and final leg.

Now in the battle for medals, the Czech rider had a hard fight against Finland and France, but in the end managed to come out on top, claiming the Gold for the Czech Republic. Jussi Laurila of Finland finished 12 seconds later in silver position, followed shortly by Baptiste Fuchs of France in bronze position.

The Junior class was won by the Russian team of Olga Mikhaylova and Yuri Balev, whilst the Youth class gold went to home nation France represented by Lucie Rudkiewicz and Kylian Wymer.




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