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Correction: All start in Middle Distance final

After yesterday’s European Orienteering Championships Middle distance qualification race there were several complaints about the controls. After checking the controls in the terrain, the organiser concluded that one control indeed was in the wrong place (30 metres from the right place).

The other control questioned was in the right place, but the map was not completely accurate there. The organiser therefore decided to let all the competitors (men) in the heat that was affected by the misplaced control go to the final, but then the French team made a protest against this and demanded that all men in all heats should be in the final. The jury has considered this today, and decided that for the sake of fairness, all men from all three qualification heats will be allowed to run in the final on Monday.

The women’s qualification results stand as they were yesterday, and no extra runners are allowed in the final.

Update 12.4.2014 at 5 AM GMT: Qualification races April 10th were voided completely late last night by the jury, who also decided that all competitors (women and men)who started in the qualification race can take part in the final on Monday 14th. More information can be found on the organiser’s website.


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