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04.07.2013 World elite foot and trail orienteers gather in Finland
The final countdown has begun to the start of the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) and World Trail Orienteering Championships (WTOC), both of which take place around the Finland town of Vuokatti during the coming week.

04.07.2013 A Dane had the winning trick
Just a few days after Miri Thrane Ødum became 18 years old she ran a really well-planned race in the Middle distance final in the Junior World Championships – and won gold. The Middle distance was a really tricky one. Almost every leg between the controls needed very careful map reading with a huge number [...]

04.07.2013 “We’re used to careful navigating and rough terrain”
All the medallists from Sweden in the men’s class have been pupils at orienteering high schools, and they think that a big reason for the incredible Swedish day in the men’s class on the Middle distance is, that this race was in conditions they are used to. “We are used to fighting”, smiles Emil. “At [...]

04.07.2013 “I haven’t time to be nervous”
What a rush everything is for Tim Robertson right now. The 17-year-old from New Zealand can’t take part in the JWOC banquet this year – just as last year. Just as one year ago, the young Kiwi will take part in both JWOC and WOC. Last summer he impressed a lot. On a Friday last [...]

04.07.2013 World Orienteering Championships to be an international messenger for clean sport
Things will heat up in the forests of Vuokatti on 6–14 July, when orienteers compete in the World Orienteering Championships. The message of clean sport will be on display at the event, symbolised by the Golden Baton which travels around to international sporting events organised in Finland. The event organisers, the International Orienteering Federation, the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and the Finnish Antidoping Agency FINADA are working together to bring forth the message of clean sport.

03.07.2013 Junior World Championships, men’s Middle distance final: Sweden power show
Sweden took all the medals in the men’s Middle distance final, with Emil Svensk winning the gold by just 1 second from Anton Johansson. Bronze medallist, 9 seconds down on the winner, was Jens Wängdahl.

03.07.2013 Junior World Championships: Danish winner in women’s Middle distance
Gold medal in the women’s Middle distance final has gone to Miri Thrane Ødum, Denmark, who won by 31 seconds on a technically demanding course in the Czech Republic today. Silver medallist is Lisa Risby, who won gold at Long distance earlier in the week, and Norway’s Mathilde Rundhaug takes the bronze.

02.07.2013 Junior World Championships: Middle qualification – six heats, winners from six nations
The fastest in today’s Middle distance qualification heats were from six nations: Denmark, France, Great Britain, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.

02.07.2013 The Ukrainian with a big passion for orienteering
Oleksandr Kratov is aiming to get a medal at the upcoming World Orienteering Championships in Finland. Still, he says his only "talent" is his passion for orienteering. Read in Athlete of the Month the achievements the talent has given him so far, and why it has taken him to Sweden!

02.07.2013 “A big step forward”
Do you remember the results of Lisa Risby at the Junior World Championships (JWOC) last year? No, probably not – and she’s for sure forgotten them herself too. The first woman champion at JWOC has had a tremendous year and has taken a big step forward from her standard in JWOC in Slovakia last year. [...]

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