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Are you a Youth Journalist?

The International Orienteering Federation are preparing to launch a new fan portal with focus on youth and making Orienteering a cool sport to follow. The fan portal will build on live events, news articles, videos, vlogs/blogs, social medias and more. It shall present new and exciting stories about the essence of Orienteering from elite level and down to local activities in any new and attractive format. We are going to tell the world why we love Orienteering, what fascinates us and present it in a modern way.

The fan portal shall speak in the voice of the youths with the spirit; “for youth, by youth”. To do so we need you to help us tell the stories!

We are now looking for ‘youth journalists’ from all over the world that will be given the opportunity to talk to a whole world of orienteering fans. You will get responsibility for certain tasks, freedom and creativity to create material and we want to hear your ideas for how we shall make orienteering more fun to follow and inspiring to try. We are looking for a large variety of ‘youth journalists’. Skills we are looking for is to write articles, make videos, take pictures, post and repost in social medias, make interviews, live commentary of events and anything else you can think of in this field. The only requirement is that you can speak and write in good English.

The youth journalists will be followed up by professional journalists and it will be facilitated sessions for you to learn more about medias and communication. You can decide yourself how much you want to do and some of the youth journalists will be invited to the major events or to meet the top athletes.

If you are an orienteer between 17 and 25 years with experience and skills in using social medias, making videos or writing in English and think it sounds interesting to be a part of an international youth journalist team send an email to and tell us about yourself, your experience and why you want to be a youth journalist.


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