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Andrey Lamov: “Hope I’m still in shape for the Long”

Andrey Lamov took gold also on the second day of the championship in Norway. He got just what he expected. “It was a demanding course”, he smiles. “That was what I had expected”.

In the last part of the Sprint course he also stopped once. “It looked like more steps than I thought it should be at a down-hill. So I had to read the map very carefully to avoid a mistake”. With the stop he made sure he was in the right place, and he won just in front of Stanimir Belomazhev.

For Lamov it has been an incredible start in the championships in Norway.

On Thursday it’s the Long Distance. “I hope I am still in shape for it!” he says.

The Sprint for men had 14 controls on the 2.8 kilometre long course, with 110 metres of climb. During the race there were many places where it was necessary to take decisions about which track to follow.


Text and photo: Erik Borg


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