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Новогодняя игра 2020

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Alexandersson and Kyburz head World Cup standings

At the end of the second round of this year’s World Cup, Tove Alexandersson, Sweden and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland hold strong leads in the standings. Alexandersson has a 91-point lead over Simone Niggli, and Kyburz leads his compatriot Daniel Hubmann by 100 points.

The Swiss men and Swedish women stand out in showing strength in depth; there are 4 Swiss and 3 Swedes in the top six in the respective lists. Sweden has also 2 men in the top six, so the only other countries represented at this level are Russia (Tatyana Riabkina, 4th) and Denmark (Ida Bobach, 5th).

Eight of the thirteen competitions which make up the World Cup have now taken place; the remaining competitions comprise the three individual finals in the World Championships next month and the PostFinance weekend in Switzerland in October. The total score for each athlete after the Final in October will be the sum of all scores from competitions 1 to 8 (i.e. the current score) plus the best 2 scores from competitions 9 to 12 and the score from the final race, the PostFinance Sprint.

With 1st place in a race carrying 100 points and 4th place having only half that value, the situation at the top can change quite quickly. And for the very final race the points scores allocated for each place are doubled. There is a total prize money pot of 7000 Euros which is divided amongst the six best in the final standings.

Leading World Cup standings after Second Round


  1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 576
  2. Simone Niggli SUI 485
  3. Annika Billstam SWE 371
  4. Tatyana Riabkina RUS 357
  5. Ida Bobach DEN 354
  6. Lina Strand SWE 280


  1. Matthias Kyburz SUI 540
  2. Daniel Hubmann SUI 440
  3. Fabian Hertner SUI 397
  4. Jerker Lysell SWE 330
  5. Matthias Merz SUI 323
  6. Gustav Bergman SWE 320



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