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07.08.2018 Gemperle and Kinneberg World Champions in Middle Distance
Natalia Gemperle, Russia and Eskil Kinneberg, Norway won the Middle Distance at Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships in Latvia.

07.08.2018 World TrailO Championships: close results in sand-dune forest
The first day of the PreO competition today featured wins for Jan Furucz, Slovakia (Open) and Ola Jansson, Sweden (Paralympic). Results were very close with 13 competitors getting full scores.

06.08.2018 World TrailO Championships: TempO gold to Finland
Petteri Hakala, 19 years old, is the 2018 World TempO Champion. He scored a very tight victory over joint silver medallists Jan Furucz, Slovakia and Lennart Wahlgren, Sweden.

06.08.2018 Mountain-bike elite head for Austria
The top names in MTB Orienteering are all heading for Austria, where the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships (WMTBOC), together with its Junior and European Youth counterparts, start on Tuesday.

06.08.2018 Open IT meeting in Sigulda
Today is rest day at Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships. Are you interested in orienteering and IT? Attend the open IT meeting in Sigulda tonight!

05.08.2018 Reigning champions Sweden wins Sprint Relay
The reigning champions Sweden won the Sprint Relay at the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships in Riga, Latvia.

03.08.2018 Latvia welcomes world’s Trail Orienteers too!
The main spotlights in Latvia next week will be on the World Orienteering Championships, but Latvia is also hosting the World Trail Orienteering Championships (WTOC), at the same time but at a completely different venue.

03.08.2018 IOF and WOC 2018 organiser team up with Pfizer to inform about Tick-Borne Encephalitis TBE
The IOF is proud to announce a partnership with Pfizer and the WOC 2018 organisers to provide information about TBE, a disease which is very relevant to talk about in the orienteering community. In connection with WOC 2018, more specifically in connection with the WOC Middle distance competition on Tuesday August 7th and the Latvian […]

02.08.2018 WOC: Thierry Gueorgiou from a different and new point of view
This WOC Thierry Gueorgiou will return to the main orienteering competition but to play a different role, as one of the coaches of the Swedish Team. In this interview, he talks about his career as an orienteer and how he has exchanged the role of the runner to become the coach.

01.08.2018 WOC: LIVE Orienteering expert’s expectations
It is going to be a special World Orienteering Championships – the last one with both sprint and forest disciplines.  But already this year, we will have the world championships divided into two parts – the urban part in Riga with the sprint and sprint relay in the beginning of the WOC week, followed by the forest disciplines in Sigulda.

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