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“A big step forward”

Do you remember the results of Lisa Risby at the Junior World Championships (JWOC) last year? No, probably not – and she’s for sure forgotten them herself too.

The first woman champion at JWOC has had a tremendous year and has taken a big step forward from her standard in JWOC in Slovakia last year. “There I was about number 20 to 25”, she says.

In the Long distance race she won by 47 seconds over her team-mate Sara Hagström. “I had a very good race; my mistakes were just very small”, she comments. The junior from Falun, where the European Championships were held last year, made her small mistakes at the beginning of the race. In the last part she was clearly the best.

– What has happened since last year?

“So much has happened! A year ago I went into the national team and wasn’t familiar with the expectations”.

– Now you are?

“I have had some good results and have become secure and confident”, she says.


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