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17.01.2019 New IOF World Ranking
At the October meeting of Council, changes were approved to the IOF World ranking System (WRS) with effect from January 1 2019 following a review of the WRS.

11.01.2019 Foot Orienteering Athlete of the Year: Tove Alexandersson
Tove Alexandersson has done it again: she has been at her very best over the whole season. This year at the World Championships in Latvia she won 4 out of 5 possible medals: gold in Long and Mixed Relay, and silver in Sprint and Relay. And she is the winner of the 2018 World Cup.

27.12.2018 Orienteering in the spotlight – vote for Tove!
Do you think that Tove Alexandersson was the greatest Swedish athlete in 2018? If so - vote for Tove to win the Jerring Prize!

21.12.2018 Plans for the 2019 WOC Clinic announced
The IOF has cooperated with the organisers of World Orienteering Championships since the 2011 to put on a WOC Clinic. The aim of the Clinic is to encourage and support participation from member federations who otherwise would not be able to participate at the World Orienteering Championships due to economic challenges.

21.12.2018 Interested in the development of orienteering? IOF Commissions are looking for new members
As we enter the new strategic period for the IOF, we have identified a number of needs to strengthen IOF Commissions with new members. We would therefore ask your help in identifying new commission members for the following commissions.

21.12.2018 Sigurd Dæhli, Norway – multi-talented medal winner
The first person ever to win World Championship medals in three different orienteering disciplines: that is the distinction achieved by Sigurd Dæhli when the Norwegian open relay team took the silver medals at last year’s World TrailO Championships in Lithuania.

21.12.2018 Orienteering is totally in line with the image of university sports whose motto is: “Excellence in mind and body”.
FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond about the cooperation between FISU and the IOF and the honour to have been chosen as a member of the IOF Ethics Panel.

21.12.2018 Ski Orienteering Athlete of the Year: Tove Alexandersson
The Swedish athlete Tove Alexandersson is not only the current queen of FootO, but also of Ski Orienteering. She started FootO and also began practising SkiO at the age of ten. Now she is twenty-six, and she has been World Champion in SkiO eight times. In 2018 she has brought three gold medals home from the European Championships and has won the World Cup. So she has been chosen once again as the SkiO Athlete of the Year.

21.12.2018 Trail Orienteering Athlete of the Year: Ján Furucz
Ján Furucz, current world champion in PreO and silver medallist in TempO, has been chosen as the TrailO Athlete of 2018 as a result of his remarkable performances during last season. Furucz grew up in an orienteering family; his two brothers and his sister practised orienteering too, and his father was their coach while his mother took care of them. Nowadays, both he and his brother are part of the Slovakian TrailO team, which helps them support each other and constantly pull harder to improve.

21.12.2018 MTB Orienteering Athlete of the Year: Martina Tichovska
The Czech athlete Martina Tichovska has been the clear queen of MTBO in 2018. She won five medals at the World MTBO Championships, one in each race: two gold medals in Long Distance and the Relay plus three silver medals, from Middle Distance, Mass Start and Sprint.

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