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15.07.2019 Mapping Clinic in China
Orienteering in China is growing, and with it the need for high quality maps. From July 8th to 13th, 2019, a Mapping clinic was held in Longjiashan National Forest Park in Longli County, Guizhou Province, China. The  mapping clinic was hosted by the International Orienteering Federation together with China Radio and Orienteering Sports Association and […]

12.07.2019 WMOC concludes in Latvia with Long distance
This year’s World Masters Orienteering Championships concluded today with the Long Distance, more than 3,300 athletes enjoying a fine day in complex forest by the Latvian coast. With a wonderfully scenic route to the start, it was a beautiful day in the Latvian terrain. Seven women and six men became both Middle and Long distance […]

12.07.2019 JWOC Relay titles to Norway’s men and Great Britain’s women
Norway’s Kasper Fosser won his third gold medal of the championships, bringing the Norwegian team in to the finish with a 2.09 lead over Sweden 2. The women’s race was a close fight between Great Britain and Russia, with Grace Molloy holding her nerve to take the win by 18 seconds. At the end of […]

11.07.2019 JWOC Middle final: second gold for Kasper Fosser
The Norwegian Kasper Fosser again showed his class with a win by 1.09 in today’s Middle Final. Isa Envall, Sweden won the women’s race by a convincing margin. Isa Envall set the marker point for the women’s race from a position half-way through the start list, and towards the end in particular there were several […]

10.07.2019 Big names from the past, now Masters Champions
Galina Vinogradova RUS, Yvonne Gunell FIN, Alida Abola LAT, Svajunas Ambrazas LTU, Håkan Eriksson SWE – all once well-known elite athletes at the top of the tree, now winning their classes at the World Masters. This year’s World Masters Orienteering Championships are being held in Latvia, and many athletes who have run in World Championships […]

10.07.2019 JWOC Middle distance: 24 nations in A-finals
There will be athletes from 24 nations in the A-finals tomorrow, following today’s qualification races in Denmark. Heat winners include Kasper Fosser, Norway and Aston Key, Australia, champions in Long and Sprint respectively. Kasper Fosser, Norway running in the Long distance race     Photo: Malin Fuhr The six heats, from which the top twenty in […]

10.07.2019 New Event Applications open
Event Applications List is updated with new Application Forms and Guidance Forms. For FootO  forms for AsOC 2022, NAOC 2022, SAOC 2022, EYOC 2022, EOC 2023 (Sprint) and WOC 2024 (Sprint) is available. For MTBO forms for EMTBOC + WCup 1 2022, WCup 3 2022, WMMTBOC 2022. JWMTBOC 2023 and WMTBOC 2023 is available. For […]

09.07.2019 Joint gold medal in JWOC Long distance women’s race
It is gold medals for both Ida Haapala, Finland and Veronika Kalinina, Russia in the Long distance race, following a jury meeting yesterday and the absence of any further protest by the deadline. The back-up timing system recorded the same time, 53:46, for both athletes. Grace Molloy, Great Britain takes the bronze medal, her second […]

08.07.2019 JWOC men’s Long distance: defending champion wins again
Defending champion Kasper Fosser, Norway retained his title in the JWOC Long race in Denmark today in emphatic fashion. Despite a mistake one-third of the way through the course, he won by more than three minutes. The race was dominated by a near master-class performance from Fosser, whose closest challengers in the end proved to […]

07.07.2019 Junior Sprint gold medals to Australia and Switzerland
Today’s Sprint was a success story for Aston Key, Australia and the Swiss athlete Eline Gemperle, in two very fast and tight races in Aarhus, Denmark. Gemperle’s winning margin was 3 seconds, whilst Key ended with a convincing lead of 13 seconds. The race was held in a complex area of flats and houses, with […]

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